Customer Delight could after all be a waste of time

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2012)

I loved the concept since college days. Delighting your customer with something extra when they least expected. I for once knew it would pay off every single time.

But the kind of effort and time that goes behind each customer delight experience is huge compared to what you’re supposed to do and sometimes even unfair to your business.

At this point experts are inclined to conclude that customer delight might even be a waste of time and resources. Matthew Dixon, in his HBR column asks companies to stop trying to delight your customers.

I think he is right in more than one way. Trying the customer delight concept on every customer is probably a waste of time. No definitely is.

He explains that most customers are only expecting companies to find simple solutions to their problems. So its all about managing their expectations. Beyond that is an option but not for everyone. It’s a better idea if only premium or special customers may be. Ones that has potential for a sustainable relationship and other perks.

Nice read. Check it out!