Dasvidaniya is a beautiful little story you’ll like

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2008)

I was not happy with this movie even through the promos. I didn’t like Vinay Pathak – may be because he’s looking clumsy. And my wife second it, so I decided to watch this movie only because there were no options around.


Saw the movie, and is in all praises for the flick. Great performance by Vinay Pathak, a simple clutter free story line, touching scenes, relevant comical junctions and a “good” ending.


It’s about this guy who’s lost in his own world, kind of an introvert too busy with his check list of things. He’s diagnosed with Stomach cancer and how he copes up with it.


No rib tickling comedies here, but the movie is filled with good light hearted moments that will put a smile on your face, also making you think about the sad side of things (happening to the actor).

If you like the no frills, non masala type, almost parallel type movies, Dasvidaniya is a gorgeous flick !


  • Watch “Bheja Fry” (if you didn’t yet). You will surely like Vinay Pathak. And some other good ones are

    1. Mumbai mere jaan
    2. Shoot at site
    3. Welcome to sajjanpur.
    4. Aamir