DecideQuick, Make decisions the social way, the smart way.

I’ve been seeing several instances of this app – DecideQuick on my Facebook feed for quite some time now. Curious, I tried it out and voila – what an useful app!


Apps are many. Some fancy, some fun, some useful. DecideQuick falls into the third category.

In simple terms, DecideQuick lets you make decisions via the wisdom of the crowd, via social media. And it works!

For example, ask it a question like – which mobile phone to buy – Brand 1 or Brand 2.

And it scans the entire social media and the web and gives you insights into making a clever decision. The whole game is all about finding that right choice analyzing the social media landscape and DecideQuick does it really good.

I reached out to the makers of this app as well, and managed to talk to the brain behind DecideQuick, Shameer Thaha.

Check out the interview below.

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