Discover Fun New Things To Do, The Social Way with Yayplanner

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2013)

You know that feeling when you’ve seen it all and everything goes in loops?

With an overload of social media content, the chances of hitting a burn out situation is very likely these days.

I for once, know that I need to take a break sometimes from all that clutter and take a walk on the beach. I know that’s what I need, but never do it.

Call it lack of motivation or setting priorities right, it never happens..especially when its planned.

Enter Yayplanner. This is a new startup tool that lets you discover new things to do, the crowd sourced way.

Here’s how it works. People join in and share their bucket list ideas.

The platform puts it all together and shares it between them. Achievements and activities are shared and helps others take cue and do the same thing.

Sounds pretty simple yet effective. I mean I am more likely to get off my ass and do something really worthwhile if there’s someone to overlook me.

Same logic applies here.


Try it out here – Yayplanner.