Even a battery Ad can be funny–Amaron, Ting Tong !

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

Batteries are boring and so are ads. There are two types of battery ads I’ve seen in Indian Television.

One, the ones that are a verbal diarrhea of technical things and claims things like “ZYR Technology” blah blah. Goes over your head, client satisfied, cos they shouted all that they could about the product, viewer – confused!

Two, the ones that  put things into perspective through a story. Sometimes this goes out a bit too stupid with awkward folk/funny songs chipped in, claiming to bring in the “desi” touch. But there are the other ones that rings a bell in everyone’s head.

The latest Amaron ad is just that. Funny story, simple recital, zero confusion, clear stuff – nail on the viewers head !

He rides like a breeze, through coconut trees!
Ladies ladies please…you’ll go weak in the knees
(wait a minute….are you thinking what I’m thinking?)
If you look around there are no banana leaves…
Look at him go he is..such a big easy…rides like a breeze.
He rides like a breeze!

Highlight – Silver Ting, Silver Tong! (And I say in my mind…Lasts long…really long!) Winking smile

Good job O&M, Mumbai.

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