Don’t change. Evolve.

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2011)

I don’t like the word change. Why? Because I’ve seen some of my friends use it as an excuse, to do some very bad things. Don’t raise your eye brow, I didn’t mean those bad things. I mean….well, the point is not what the thing is but why they called it a change in the first place.

Change is inevitable. If there’s something that doesn’t change in this world, then it is change itself. I agree to the wise guy. But why not evolve – is my question.

When we change, we move horizontally. We move around, we don’t move ahead. Evolve, and you’re already in the front.

Therefore, whenever you have a tendency to change, embrace it but add a little bit of energy in, and take a jump – so you have change, and you evolve as well.

One stone, two birds. Or something like that.

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