Here’s why your Facebook feed sucks

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2015)

Seeing updates from people you don’t even know? You’re not alone.

Facebook had several algorithm updates (stuff by which it figures out what you like and don’t) over the last couple of months and apparently, things have become worse than getting better, at least for most of us.

But it’s not entirely Facebook’s fault, you can fix it yourself with these little smart hacks!

Let’s be honest here. You don’t have those many friends!

You have so many friends. And Facebook is trying day in and day out with your interactions to see who matters to you most and what updates to show you.

But Facebook does not know who is more important to you within your friends list.

And by helping Facebook know who your friends are, it will do a better job of showing you better updates. Here’s how…

Go to this URL –

Facebook will now start showing you “friends” with whom you haven’t interacted much in the recent times.

By moving them to “Acquaintances” from “Friends”, you’re essentially helping yourself and Facebook figure out better, what’s right for you.

It’s ok to be honest here, you’re not doing these acquaintances any favor by keeping them in  your friends list. Let’s be honest here.


You can click on “Add To Acquaintances” and Facebook will keep showing you possible acquaintances from your friends list that you could move to Acquaintances. You can always unselect someone Facebook suggested, by clicking on their profile photo once and he/she will still be “friends” with you.

Remember, the more acquaintances you have, the better your Facebook news feed will be.

A friend from the club, few from work and that popular guy on social media…

Over a period of time, what most of us do is add up friends from everywhere on Facebook. One from the club, one from work and that popular guy on social media.. all goes to your “friends” list. But are they really your friends? No.

So, what do you do?

Put them into separate lists. Lists are like different hang out spots for your friends. You don’t hang out with your friends at the club at work or vice versa…so let’s split them out and get real!

Here’s what you should do.

Go to your friends list here >

You should see all the list you already have in place. (Yeah! Where did all that lists come from, right?)

So, what’s been going on is that Facebook have been adding lists on your behalf already, based on location etc..but apparently things aren’t easy as it looks. Let’s clean up!


Click on each list and you should be taken to a Facebook news feed consisting of updates just from those people. Now on the right you’ll see people already on this list. Click on “See All”..


It should give you a popup box like this, with all the list of friends.


Now, click on each friend you want to add to this list and those you want to remove. I recommend creating a list like “Close Friends” and adding your close friends in there and keeping a separate list for colleagues, family etc…

When ever you make a new post or update, you can choose which list to share it with and this will improve its reach in their news feed.


Are you following folks you don’t want to “follow”?


Go to your friends list here. ( < Replace username with your actual username.

You’ll see all the folks you are following here. Which means these are folks you “follow” but not actually friends with…These might also be folks who haven’t accepted your Friend Requests yet.

Feel free to re-think your relationship with them and “Unfollow” a few who you think are low value to you. You could subscribe to them on Twitter perhaps…

Just click on the “Following” button and you will unfollow them automatically.


Facebook has a clever algorithm (or many) in place that learns itself from more data you give it in a very clever way. But it does a sloppy job when the data it has is not enough. The more data you give, the better the experience is.
With the tips above, you are essentially telling Facebook what you like and prefer and there by giving it more opportunity to understand you and your preferences!

All the best!