Talking SEO Workflows with Fernando Angulo of SEMrush [Podcast]

Podcast with Fernando Angulo

In this episode, I talk about voice search optimization, the latest Google updates, top SEMrush features and more with Fernando Angulo, the Head of Communications at SEMrush.

Here are some of the topics we touch upon.

  • SEMrush’s offering for the India Market.
  • How to create workflows in SEMrush.
  • Latest Google updates and How to tackle them.
  • Voice search Optimization methods & hacks.
  • How can small businesses win with Online Marketing and more.

In this one hour podcast, we discuss the topics mentioned above and a whole lot of other stuff.

Fernando is a thought leader, keynote speaker and behind it all, a total SEO junkie.

I try to bounce in and out of both tactical and strategical SEO throughout the discussion. Hope you like it.

One hour wasn’t enough though. Hope to do another session with him someday!

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