Find new restaurants near you with MyFab5

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2013)

First off, this is not foursquare, or anything close (it is built off it, though).

This thing is much more simpler and easy to use.

myfab5 is the best way to recommend and discover fabulous restaurants in your city – that’s about it.

Rank up to 5 of your favorite places in any food or drink related category and see what places your friends and community recommend most.

It also provides bite-sized reviews for those moments when you want to read or share more details.

myfab5 What I like about it

– Effectively simple to use. Get’s straight to the point and job done!

– Simplifies the foursquare experience, but still not convincing enough to switch over.

What I don’t like

– Motivational rewards missing. Doesn’t pull me back.

– Doesn’t really solve a problem.

Check it out at

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