Flying man or witch – UFO spotted in Mexico

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2008)

Today morning I woke up to see this strange video on the news channels. The blurry image of an UFO in the skies of Mexico. It looked very strange and different from the normal images of a UFO, which are most of the times, circular in shape and hovers around. This one was more like the witch on broom image we’ve read stories of in school. There was a long enough rod like structure and an image with a “long cap” sitting on it or so it looked like.

There were more than 40 witnesses of the same phenomena and the UFO club of mexico had video taped it.

Now more than 70% of the UFO videos seen so far are fake, but how about this one?

The video was shown to a local astronomer and she claimed that the video proved nothing. No ET nothing at all, it’s someones invention.

Well, looking at the path and movement of the object, it looks like that it is moving in a straight path like a wire or so. But the only point that contradicts it is that more than 40 people have witnessed this object the same time. Also, there were some interesting testimonies from the local police.

Two of them claimed that they saw a creature near the cemetry over which the object was hovering. It had long cap, was dark skinned and had long claws. Now, that is interesting. Could this be “Selective Perception”? No idea.

Meanwhile, this town of Mexico is famous for UFO sightings and there have been couple of them in the recent years.

I’m no good at UFO studies, but is equally amazed as you are. Watch out the skies.