100+ Free Online Courses with Certificates (Ultimate List)

Free Online Courses
Online Courses

Looking for free online courses with certificates? Your search ends here. The best online courses are the ones that are free and come with a certificate from a reputed university. Online courses are one of the most popular ways of learning these days. They are free or affordable, easy to access, and don’t require any commute to get there.

Just download the app, choose your course and learn it the way you like, when you want it. That’s the good thing about online courses.

Not only do free online certificates enhance your skills and knowledge, but they also make your resume more appealing to recruiters for private or government jobs. Without spending a thing, you can learn from industry professionals through free online courses.

The biggest online education platforms have revised their business strategy to include a free course but charge for paper certification. There are still a plethora of free online courses with certificates from reputable companies. However, not all courses thoroughly cover the course material or include industry-relevant content.

There is always the question of which course is worth your time and money. To help you find the best online courses, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular ones for you to explore.

Best Free Online Courses List

Here are some of the best free online courses offering certificates.

1. Startup School

Startup School is a YC backed free online course for aspiring founders who wants to launch their own startup. Here, they can learn from the industry experts hands-on how they have launched and scaled their startups.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

2. Google

Learn about websites, online directories, review sites, social media, and mobile apps directly from Google in this online course.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes


With over a hundred free online courses covering everything from technology to languages to finance to entrepreneurship. It targets professionals, managers, teachers, and freelancers. Check it out here.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

4. Udemy

For the budget-conscious learner, Udemy has plenty to offer, from free courses taught by experts to frequent discounts and class specials. Along with tech, business, and marketing classes, you can study productivity, health, hobbies, and lifestyle.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

5. Coursera

Coursera is the best place to get a college education without paying high tuition. This website offers amazing courses in professional development, psychology, history, and literature, all created and taught by professors from top universities around the world. Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and others.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

6. edX

Like Coursera, edX allows anyone, anywhere to take university classes and get certified. Among their major partners are Harvard, Berkeley, Dartmouth, Georgetown, and the University of Chicago.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

7. Udacity

Udacity offers free courses in programming, data science, and web development. To master a skill set or pursue a full-time career in tech, the website also offers a nanodegree programme.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

8. LinkedIn Education

LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of courses in business, design, art, education, and technology. And it offers a free one-month trial to try it out!

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

9. General Assembly

General Assembly offers full-time and part-time classes online and in person. It covers topics like digital marketing, iOS and Android development, data analytics, and JavaScript.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

10. Skillshare

Skillshare offers 15-minute classes for busy learners. It offers over 500 free classes and thousands of paid classes on topics like film, writing, technology, and lifestyle.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

11. LearnSmart

LearnSmart is a great place to learn about IT and security, project management, HR, and business

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes .

12. Codecademy

Learn coding for free – that’s Codecademy’s mantra. It includes JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Python. It’s great for beginners and students.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

13. Pluralsight

With Pluralsight, you can learn about software, 3D development, VFX, design, game design, web design, and CAD software.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

14. Adobe

Don’t know Photoshop or InDesign? Don’t worry, Adobe has you covered with its Creative Cloud tutorials..

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

15. FutureLearn

FutureLearn offers free classes taught by universities and non-profits. Business and management, creative arts, law, health, politics, science, digital skills, sports and leisure, and teaching are major themes.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

16. Academic Earth

Also, if you only want academic classes, this website is ideal. It’s got everything from Math, Science and Tech. And it’s all free.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

17. Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot, the leading software in Marketing is offering many of its marketing courses online for free here.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

18. Free Online Courses from Harvard University

Harvard offers many free online courses under various streams. For example, CS50 is a free online introductory computer science course that teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.

It contains a problem set derived from real-world disciplines like cryptography, biology, economics, forensics, and gaming. By enrolling in this online course, you will also be contributing to research on learning.

Harvard has been generous to offer a lot more cool courses online for free. Check them out!

See the course here.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

19. Free Online Course on Android Development

This course is simply the best place to start learning Android Development. Made for beginners, this course is short and gives you a head start into Android development.

Try the course here.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

20. Free online courses from Stanford University

Stanford University is offering a bunch of free online courses in streams such as arts and humanities, computers, engineering, health and medicine. Most courses are short duration courses and even offers certificates on completion.

Is it a free online course? Yes
Does the course offer certificate? Yes

Free Online Courses with Certificates in India by Government

Free online course with certificate from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)

The All India Council for Technical Education now offers online courses. Enrichment of Learning with Improvement of Skills (ELIS) It also offers free online courses on one platform. These courses come from 18 top Ed-tech firms. edX, Guvi, Simpliv, Great Learning, etc.

Online courses

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) for Engineering

NPTEL has been offering free 4- to 12-week online courses since 2013.

The topics include higher education, core scientific and humanities courses, and exposure to essential tools and technology. Enrolling in and learning these free online courses is free. An optional in-person proctored certification exam costs Rs. 1000/- each course, and participating colleges and industries issue certificates.

The main advantages of taking an NPTEL online course are credit transfer and an improved résumé. AICTE-FDP refresher courses are available for faculty. Working professionals can also upskill or reskill.

Here are the free online courses offered by NPTEL

Consortium for Educational Communication for undergraduate education

CEC offers free online courses on the Indian government’s SWAYAM platform. Students can learn from prominent subject experts, participate in discussion forums, and receive academic grades by taking tests.

Here are all the online courses.

Free online course with certification from NCERT

NCERT offers free online courses with certificates in topics such as Accountancy, Biology, Chemistry etc.

Find the online courses list here.

Free online course with certification from National Institute of Open Schooling

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) was established in 1989 as an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Through open and distance learning (ODL), it offers Secondary (10th), Senior Secondary (12th), and Vocational courses. Additionally, it offers an Open Basic Education programme and a teacher education programme for elementary school teachers. Additionally, there is no maximum age for admission to NIOS.

Check out the online courses offered by NIOS here.

Indira Gandhi National Open University – IGNOU’s free online courses with certificate

IGNOU’s courses will cover a broad range of subjects, from core subjects to new and innovative areas of knowledge. The emphasis will be on MOOCs aimed at developing professional and life skills.

Check out courses here.

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

IIMB offers a diverse selection of approximately 30 management courses for students interested in management-related subjects. From accounting to innovation and corporate strategy, the IIMB faculty can tailor a course to the learner’s specific needs.

Additionally, the duration of the free online courses ranges from five to twelve weeks, depending on the type, complexity, and level of the course.

Check out online courses here.

National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research’s Teacher Training Program

NITTR promotes interdisciplinary engineering education research and provides consultancy and extension services to technical institutions (Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges), industry, the service sector, and the community. NITTTR Chennai, along with NITTTRs in Bhopal, Chandigarh, and Kolkata, is a National Coordinator for SWAYAM’s teacher training programme.

Online course

Best Online Python Courses

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is most famous for its strong support for code readability, and its simple syntax.

Python’s popularity has grown in recent years because it is one of the best tools to learn coding, especially for beginners. Python does not have some of the complicated features that other languages may have. It also has a wide range of powerful libraries that can be used to simplify even complex coding tasks. Not only does it make it easier to do complex tasks, but Python also provides a large group of developers who are willing to help others with any challenges they might face along the way.

Here are some of the best free online courses to learn Python coding.

  1. Free Online Course to learn Python coding from Codecademy.
  2. Free Python Online course from Udemy.
  3. Free Interactive tutorial to learn Python.
  4. Google’s free Python course.
  5. Microsoft’s introduction to Python course.
  6. Learn Python Full course for beginners.

Best Online Stock Trading Courses in India

Stock trading is a popular trade these days. The advantage of being able to work from home online and mint money is something many find lucrative.

As the financial markets become more complex and competitive, stock trading courses are becoming more important.

The stock market is one of the most volatile parts of the global economy. That’s why it’s important for traders to know the basics before they trade stocks.

This is reflected in the number of people entering the stock trading arena daily. There are many free online stock trading courses in India.

Here are some of the best free online stock trading courses in India.

  1. Financial markets and investment strategy by India School of Business
  2. Trading Basics
  3. Introduction to financial basics
  4. Stock Trading Basics by CA Rachna

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing is all about marketing your product through online methods like search engines, social media and online communities. Digital marketing courses has gotten a lot of popularity recently because of the explosion in the number of people online.

There are many free online digital marketing courses available today, from social media to viral marketing and search engine optimization. Learning these free digital marketing courses will help you acquire skills to advance your career significantly.

Here are some of the best online digital marketing courses you can take for free.

  1. Email Marketing course by Mailshake.
  2. Inbound Marketing Digital Marketing course by Hubspot.
  3. Build your web presence online marketing course by Google Garage.
  4. Digital Marketing course on Viral Marketing on Coursera.
  5. Introduction to social media strategy by Buffer.
  6. Dropshipping 101 by Shopify.
  7. iPhone App Development online course by Alison.
  8. Digital marketing course on Machine Learning by Coursera.
  9. Learn to Code – Free course by Codecademy.
  10. SEO Digital Marketing Course by Hubspot.

Free Online Courses from Universities

Many top universities of the world are now offering free online courses under various streams. They are usually short-duration courses. Here are some of the best free online courses from universities.

Whether you’ve always desired to attend a Yale lecture or take a University of Michigan course before applying to graduate school, online education offers a great method to pursue your interests or acquire valuable new skills.

Additionally, through e-learning sites such as edX, Coursera, and FutureLearn, you may enrol in thousands of online courses taught by reputable colleges, the majority of which are entirely free. Most also provide optional paid certificates of completion that you may include on your resume or LinkedIn, or are part of longer programmes that may be less expensive than on-campus education.

  1. University of California, Berkeley — Free online course on The Science of Happiness.
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology —Free online course – Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python.
  3. University of Oxford — From Poverty to Prosperity: Understanding Economic Development, Free Online Course.
  4. California Institute of Technology — The Evolving Universe, Free Online Course.
  5. University of Washington — Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach, Free Online Course.

What are the best online courses to learn?

The best courses one can learn online are ones that give some kind of certification and comes from top universities. There are trending topics you can take online courses in, like machine learning, artificial intelligence which is much in demand and are valued in the job market.

Which online course is best for your career?

Online courses like machine learning from the University of Washington, Digital Marketing from Hubspot can help you in your career.

So, there you have it. The biggest list of free online courses you can take today and get certified.

All the best!

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