Free Online Music Streaming iPhone Apps For Indian Music

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

So, I’ve been searching for free music streaming websites and apps for some Indian music (Bollywood, Tamil etc) and to be honest with you – been disappointed largely. There are some gems out there, but the mainstream live music streaming clearly sucks.

Let’s check out some available options for free music streaming apps in the Indian space.

1. Raaga Free Music Streaming iPhone App


Raaga is a favorite of mine, just because its got some very good collection of old and rare songs. But their platform and technology sucks bug time. Even if you stream music online via web browser, their player always runs into an error and hiccups. However, there are no other online music streaming website in the Indian space with their kind of vast music collection. I’m more familiar with Raaga since I’ve been using them for the last ten years or so. Won’t recommend their iPhone app, but that’s all we’ve got when it comes to a large music collection (and free that is).

2. Saavn Free Music Streaming


These folks are the new kid on the block. Great platform, great interface, very modern technology with no errors what so ever but very limited music collection. If you wanna check out the latest music stuff, they are the ones I’ll recommend. Saavn iPhone App.

3. Dhingana

Dhingana has an interesting blend between great platform, great technology and good choice of songs. They do not have the olden goldies as much as Raaga but they sure do have some stuff. And they have some regional language stuff as well like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi etc. Their app never crashed on me, so I’m very satisfied.

If you know of more free music streaming sources, do let me know in comments.