Google Glass Viral Video “Seeds” Director Reveals Amazing Story Behind The Video [Interview]

This weekend just literally changed my world! Today I’m getting 30 friend requests every 10 mins, my Twitter is blowing up, I have a Time article, a Mashable and Times of India article on me and I’m only 23 !

Seeds“, the video from Google Glass team has already gone viral and crossed 1 Million+ hits within 3 days time (released on May 8th, 2014). I caught up with the Director of the movie Aneesh Chaganty, who’s an alumni of University of Southern California, who created this awesome video for Google glass.

Aneesh, in this candid chat with me, talks about how he went about doing this video, traveling all the way from San Francisco to Andhra Pradesh, dealing with surprises and being a celebrity overnight.

Thanks Aneesh for the time and giving us the story behind. All the best for your future!

Here’s the video Aneesh created.

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