Google India Office v/s Facebook India Office–Who’s cool?

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

Facebook launched their new “barrier-free” office in Hyderabad the other day. One employee calls it a “non-office office”, as he scribbled on the wall (no, there is a real scribble wall). But how cool is this office compared to the Google offices? (I could only think of Google as a close comparison btw, no ideas.)

One person commented about the Facebook office as the place software engineers will never want to work at, since it lacks any space for focusing on work. “It looks like a large dining table” he said.

“There is no privacy with no cubicles in” said another comment. But then hey, privacy and Facebook? Seriously?

The Pool Table – Google or Facebook ?



Welcome Point – Google Or Facebook ?

Google India Welcome Point


Facebook India Welcome Point – It’s a fcking wall.


Cafeteria – Google Or Facebook?

Google India Cafeteria


Facebook India Cafeteria


Google Cubicles or Facebook’s Open Environment (a large Dining Table)?



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