Google Plus Comments Plugin for WordPress Released

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2013)

As we all know, Google+ has a pretty slick commenting system. Actually, it is one of the things on Google+ that I wished was available elsewhere (apart from the amazing UI and numerous features). Recently, Google+ had announced its commenting system for Blogger as an inbuilt plugin.

But this was only made available to the Google blogger platform, which again is only a small part (I’m biased here) of the Internet. WordPress, which forms the most and powerful part of the Internet did not “yet” have the privilege of using Google Plus comments – until now.

Brandon Holtsclaw a programmer has found the solution. He has released a WordPress plugin that will bring the power of Google Plus comment system on WordPress.

Unfortunately, the plugin is not available yet on the official WordPress Plugin repository at this point, so you have to manually upload and activate it on your blog, but that should be pretty straight forward.
Download Google Plus Comments for WordPress here.