Gran Torino – Deeper Touching than Slumdog Millionaire

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2009)

Just watched this movie recently, Gran Torino and it got me stirred, much more than Slumdog to be honest. Slumdog is an awesome movie, a happy movie I’d say with tints of a thriller. But after watching Gran Torino, I think it’s much better than Slumdog. (No reasons to compare, still.)

Gran Torino 
Gran Torino has Clint Eastwood written all over it, right from the start to the very end, and the effect it has on the viewer is much more lasting and deep than Slumdog.

It’s about an old (strong) grandpa who lives alone, after his wife’s death with his own thoughts and principles. He dislikes his kids and family and prefers to alienate himself from them, while he accidentally becomes close to the Chinese family in the neighborhood. How he becomes a hero for them, and saves them from problems is the story line. It’s a fairly straight forward story but the details and emotions are very deep and real, that you gradually start to love the movie. The end is so touching that it leaves you with a heavy heart.

Gran Torino 
I’m guessing this time around Gran Torino should have been nominated for the Oscars, but unfortunately it’s not. Only because it oepend late ? Not good.

Anyhow, Gran Torino is a must watch. Probably it will overwrite some of your favorite movies list – it did for me.

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