Harsh Agrawal on What 10 Years of Blogging Taught Him (Podcast)


If you’re into blogging you probably know him already. Harsh is the superstar of blogging in India today!

And he’s someone I’ve been watching for the last ten years or so. The growth he has achieved with ShoutMeLoud.com is truly commendable.

In this podcast, I asked him some questions such as the future and challenges in blogging, his motivation, productivity secrets, affiliate marketing story, his SEO strategies and even about Vipassana!

Harsh, as usual in his candid, honest approach reveals everything!

Listen to this hour and a few minutes podcast. If you’re a blogger you’ll find it useful. No doubt.

Here are some of the topics he covered.

  • Issues bloggers face these days, and how to overcome them.
  • The future of Blogging & how to be prepared.
  • Tools & Software Recommendations.
  • Affiliate Marketing Tips for beginners and pros.
  • What works in SEO today, from his experience.
  • January Google Algorithm Update and the effect. How to survive Google updates.
  • Risks in Affiliate Marketing & what you can do about it,
  • His personal productivity tips and
  • Vipassana!

I have a feeling I’ll be doing this more frequently with Harsh.

Here is the podcast. Enjoy!

Image Credit – Harsh Agrawal, ShoutMeLoud.com