Having a bad time, hoping for the best

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2009)

Some bad new from my side. Today my car collided with another one near Cochin North, while trying to save an old lady crossing, I had to sudden-brake and the two cars collided back to back. Minor damages to both parties. The lady is saved but the car in front of me was hit. The case is filed with Police now, and is awaiting hearing on Monday. I don’t have all my vehicle documents ready now, so I may be running into some trouble soon. Heck..I may even have to bribe someone. Anyways, hoping that I get out without much bruises. Bad things are best told short. Will keep you posted.


  • im a clg boy and u remember ur clg days rite????….wen hormones run havokk and sense takes a back seat days……wel im in that phase rite now and evn the hormones cool of wen i hit the wheels….im 2 skared 2 play my musikk loud caz one wrong move cud kill someone….the cochin road r lykk that…no rulez…….any one can speed, do wat evr they want if they see an open rd ofcorse…..wat u did is a very noble thing ok….but i think u shudnt worry and also happy that ur alive………….roads of kochi jai hooooooo

  • haha kittu that really made me laugh..jai ho to the roads in cochin eh ?
    Yea am already out of this situation and am glad about it.
    Thanks for the love.