Having too many news channels is like eating from all sides

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2008)

Yea – virtually it’s just not possible, but that’s how I feel like when I tune just another news channel on TV.

These days, there are just too many of them isn’t it? There’s NDTV, CNN IBN, uhhmm….hmm… well you get the point there right?

Too many of them = Less recall value.

If I’m right, I think there are more than 10 news channels including the regional news channels on a TataSky satellite television. One among you may be of the opinion that, more is good (Of course, if you are not pointing to the MORE retail store from the Tatas).

I think I may have to disagree. More is not good (No, not the retail store). More is confusing. More is retarded. More is un necessary.

news reader

This might probably be a one off case since we are dealing with an exceptional niche – the news channels.

Check this –

News channels are a pain in the ass for Celebrities.

I’m sure Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Salman Khan and Sania Mirza would agree to me if you don’t. They are perfect examples of celebrities who have been ripped off by news channels again and again. 

News channels are an alternative for “sting operations”
Shakti Kapoor will give me company on this. He’s been a “celebrity” who has been “used” by the news media for it’s sting operations. I think it was unfair – the sting operations.

News channels are not really news channels all the time.
Many a times, they are news hungry paparazzis who live life in seconds and milliseconds or spots. I just had a check from my memory and have concluded safely that most of the news channels rely on non-news categories for generating buzz. Like page 3 parties, celebrity gossip, lifestyle and scrap.I mean how much of it is really news? Isn’t news all about congress, foreign affairs, international agreements and sports ?

My suggestion to all the new channels around is that –

– Cut down your scheduled time, you just don’t need to be a 24 hour news channel, just because you wanna keep looping scoops. You could do that on a one-hour per day basis while commanding more respect than now.

– Please do not copy somebody else’s story and label it Exclusive. We are all watching you guys, we know who came first.

– Cut down on your ad spots real estate.

– News doesn’t mean page 3 parties, spicy gossip or papparazzi stuff. We have mags to do that and I don’t think you can compete with them in doing it better.

Hope someone is listening, but I won’t be surprised to see a few more “news channels” this coming season.