How To Be Successful

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2019)

I’ve got 24 hours. What’s the best and easy way to become successful?

What is the secret? Where is the silver bullet?

If you are thinking similar to the lines above, then you my friend…need help.

Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re not gonna be successful, like ever!

Here’s why.

Success is not an absolute target.

That means, it is subjective to the person pursuing it.

Of course, if everyone were running the same track, it would be same.

You start from a point, and reach another. The first to reach the target, wins.

But, is life the same for you and your best friend?

Your colleague? Your brother/sister?

Most likely not.

Life isn’t the same for all. Everyone’s got their own advantages and disadvantages.

The first step to being successful is in identifying and defining you.

You gotta understand where you stand in the race. Where do you fall back, what are you blessed with.

You gotta also know what others are doing but essentially, it is up to you.

Once you know what you are, where you stand and what is the distance between you and your target, you could figure out what it takes.

But that should be the final step in the process and it takes time.

Sometimes years, sometimes months.

In my school, I thought I should be a Doctor. Why? Because my parents said it’s what I should be.

Then I realized I need to cut open someone to be a Doctor. Quit it.

Then, I thought I’d be a movie star. A popular one.

I couldn’t go through the waiting time. The indefiniteness. The drudgery.

Heck, I’d just settle down for a cubicle and an IT job I thought. Safe, isn’t it?

Of course. But a few years later, the safe job got boring. So much that I wanted to wriggle out of it. And I did.

I started a company on my own. No boss, no targets, you live your dream.

That’s what I do now, but does that mean I’m successful?

Hell No!

You see, we humans are wired in such a way that, no matter what you make, no matter what you do, you’ll always have something big to look for.

Such is our intelligence.

Remember that famous Facebook forward where a man on a bike is looking up to the man in a car and thinking “Wish I had his car!”.

The man in the car is looking up to the man in Lamborghini and thinking “Wish I had that supercar!”

And a man in a wheelchair is sitting at home looking at all this thinking “Wish I had legs to walk!”

So, that’s how relative success is.

You’re only as successful as your neighbor is.

But…there’s hope.

You see, success and failure is all within you.

Like I said earlier, once you figure out where you stand and what you are… things are clear.

But that self-discovery is what takes the most time. You can’t do it in a day, not in a month, and definitely not in a year.

It’s an aggregate of your experiences, learnings, and indulgence.

After a lot of mistakes, failures, and experiences, one day you’ll find out who you really are. What are your ammos and your baggage.

Then you’ll know what makes you happy. What doesn’t?

Whatever that makes you happy is what’ll lead you to success.

‘Cos if you can’t be happy being successful (and there are people who aren’t), then you aren’t successful.

Success is personal. Success is relative.

If you let others define what success for you.. for example, getting a new BMW or buying a new apartment.. then you’re also letting them decide how successful or not you are.

And, that’s never gonna happen.

You gotta decide whether you’re successful or not. And perhaps the best way to check is to see if you’re really happy.

Are you really happy with a thick bank balance?

Are you really happy with a BMW?

Of course, you will be. But it isn’t forever.

Happiness comes from within. Figuring out what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

Find it out and you’ll perhaps get a bit more successful than you are today.

And the journey will ultimately lead you to it.