How to fake being a celebrity on Twitter (For local celebrities whom Twitter won’t even accept for Verified accounts)

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2009)

@ev is a very cunning and equally clever guy. Otherwise, he would not have taken extra efforts in “pulling” or making way for real life celebrities on Twitter. Now, don’t tell me you didn’t know that. You can get a verified account on Twitter easily. Believe me you can. You don’t have to tweet much, don’t have to have friends, don’t follow anyone either. All you have to do is to do something radical, like visiting the Twitter head quarters, and shaking a leg with the people there are office. But not all can visit the HQ in US, so for the local celebrities, like in Tamil/Mallu movies, you can try your part by following these simple rules.

1. Don’t follow anyone. If absolutely necessary, follow less than 10 people.

This is really really important. If you follow everyone back, you’re NOT a celebrity. Your “weight” is nothing.

2. Don’t reply to everyone. But read all replies, don’t ever respond.

Remember this mantra: You should listen to everyone, but pretend that you don’t listen to anything at all.

3. Respond to replies/questions where you have an opportunity to show off.

Ex:- If someone asks “What are you doing now/ Where are you ?”

Suggested Answer: “Dining with Amitabh Bachhan / Discussion with 3 directors at a time for my next venture / Waiting at the airport – on my way to Mauritius” etc.

4. Follow other celebrities

Simply to let everyone know that you guys are a league.

5. Show off pics of events/things that only celebrities do

Click with your mobile camera, every presentable pic, like a dining, a party, a horse riding session etc. You’ll get loads of replies.

6. Don’t tell your daily routine to the world.

Twitter will keep asking but don’t ever tell. Instead, be selective and tell things here and there, if you know what I mean. Rest of the things you can leave for the people to guess.

7.  Endorse/support initiatives and charities, and brag about them

If you follow these methods, you will get the status of a celebrity on Twitter and hopefully, someday they will verify your account.