How to watch Netflix or Hulu outside the US on TVs & Gaming Devices

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2012)

Netflix-outside-US So, if you’re outside the USA and want to watch Netflix or Hulu (or any other geographically closed) service,  then it would be impossible for you to access – until now.

Netflix is probably the biggie. I mean I love it, so much that I watch 2-3 movies daily. But the problem is when I move out of the US, while traveling – things get frustrated as I cannot access it outside the country – say from India.

Is there a way out?

Yes, there are several ways out there to access Netflix or Hulu outside the US, but some of them are costly ways and some of them are reliable. I have tried many of the so called magic solutions to access Netflix and Hulu outside the US, on my Samsung Smart TV and Nintendo Wii. But in vain.

But here’s a very reliable way to access Netflix on your Smart TV or gaming devices.

Get this nice VPN Witopia. They are probably the best VPN service I know of.

The good thing is that they have this entire list of countries to which you can switch your IP to. Well, if that sound too technical. All you got to do is get this software and from its entire list of countries, switch to USA.

Now this means that, your IP is now an American IP. Now you can access any website that is available only to American viewers including Netflix and Hulu.

Now, connect to the internet on your Smart TV or Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation via the WiFi. (The software is installed on your PC by the way.)

The internet speed might be a little lower that your usual speed, but that’s the trade off.

Enjoy Netflix or Hulu or any other American only website or service from anywhere outside the US on any device with this method. All the best.