How to Set up a Home office

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2020)

If you haven’t already thought about it, you will – pretty soon.

Most tech companies have the luxury to work from home, and are switching to permanent work from home mode. I can only assume many would follow suit both in US and India.

As for me, I’ve been doing this for the longest time and especially in the last two years after I returned from US to India.

I set up a cozy home office and works from it. In these two years, I’ve learned a lot though.

I did a video about it here.

What I learned working from home

  • Block your work timings out.
  • Choose a designated area for work.
  • Block out noises if you can.
  • Choose a room that is away from distractions.
  • Stay away from living room/entertainment room.

No matter how much you try, working from home is going to be stressful if you don’t have a proper area of work.

It can either be a designated area or part of a quiet room or even better – if you build a home office yourself.

So, as you can see I have take this seriously.

My home office so to speak, is an office by itself. But this is not how I started.

I started by using a corner in my bedroom, and carving out a den there. I put an old computer chair and threw all my tech on it.

It was all over the place, but I didn’t really care how it looked.

When starting out something, my focus always is getting work done. Once you have enough traction, you scale up.

So, before starting out, my focus was to make sure that the revenue and cash flow is green.

Once that was taken care of, I carved out some budget from it, and went for a full blown office. It cost me 4 Lakhs.

My home office tech

But I had finally made a better cave for myself. A place to zone out. Here’s what I did.

An iMac

Got myself an iMac. Not the 5K one but got a good deal on the 4K one. Thought I’ll get the 5K Mac once I cross a significant number on YouTube.

A Blue Yeti microphone

This is the best mike you can buy for recording purposes that is almost studio quality. Luckily I had one from US, so I didn’t have to buy one. (A blue Yeti.)

A Bose noise cancelling headphone

I found this one with much difficulty – WH1000MX3 from Sony. And finally bought it on my own back from L.A in 2018 from Dubai Airport. It was sold off and in much demand in US that all Best BuysI checked with had ran out of it.

I’ve used these headphones a lot. My favorite thing about it is the fact that I ca put it on and it would cancel out all the noise around me. Bliss!

A standing desk

This is a habit I got from my previous job in the US. Standing desks are a bit controversial. There are fans and haters and quite honestly I don’t think it’s clear as to whether it is good or not. Because, I think it is more of a long term thing.

I like it better than sitting for sure. But, I’m also sure that it isn’t the best.

I couldn’t find a proper electronic standing desk like the ones in US, so I asked the decor guys to make one. And they did.

You can’t adjust the height though. That is bit of a problem. But it works.

Finding a chair that’s appropriate for it, was an issue. I got away with a bar stool like chair. And someone had warned against it then but I didn’t pay attention. Two years later, I’ve figured it out the hard way that, it was a bad decision.

I got the infamous tailbone issue because I sat for long hours on that chair during edits. I regret it now.

An ergonomic chair

That’s when I got this ergonomic chair. It’s the premium quality one with all different adjustment options like height, head rest, arm rest adjustment etc. It cost me 18,000 Rs. Should’ve gotten it earlier.

I use this little selfie tripod for all the iPhone shoots. It works fine!

Apart from all this, a Boya lapel mike, iPod earbuds, Sony Alpha 650, Sony RX100 camera, Harison lights, Benro tripod, a ring light etc for all the YouTubing.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied right now with the set up. Not very happy with the work flow though.

I wanna be able to set up the video – audio gear in such a way that I’m able to take videos and publish them in a plug and play mode.

Right now, the issue is setting up camera, lights, audio etc each time. That’s where a lot of time is lost.

To fix that, I’m getting a mike arm that can stick to my desk all the time, a desk that can mount the camera and that way, have like a permanent setup for video.

Hope that works out.

For those of you figuring out how to create a home office, I hope this serves as an inspiration.