I support Shashi Tharoor – He should be a “mentor” to Indian Hockey

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2010)

Would he ?

Many anti-tharoor folks believe that Tharoor shouldn’t have entered/shown support IPL in the first place. Modi and his “gujju folks” as they call them, were businessmen already, so what would you expect from them – do business of course !

But Shashi Tharoor had no reason to enter IPL – if not for the love of money and glamour involved.

I disagree. Shashi Tharoor is a well wisher of anything good. Especially Kerala. He with his powers now, can do lot of things – you know that. Now I strongly urge/plead/request him to do something for the Indian Hockey team. Those chaps are struggling to meet ends, no money, no fame, no game – life sucks for them.

Image credit – buzzweb.in

But for India, for Dhyanchand – if there is one man who can do something for the sports today, its Shashi Tharoor.

Would he ?