I’m addicted to Pepsi

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2008)

I have to admit it. Not sure if it’s the taste or the brand. Pepsi is cool to me.

You know we guys tend to develop a sort of likeness to one particular brand even before trying it or knowing what it is. We also tend to dislike some brands similarly.
I had a problem with Coke. I didn’t like the ads. It was always red and tinges of red. It always had a “loudness” to it. And I didn’t like the ads at all. They weren’t cool compared to pepsis. I wouldn’t prefer something like that to take home from the store shelf.
Pepsi better than Coke
You know the coca-colas font is more suited for a washing-soap brand according to my opinion. It was flowery, long tailed, curvy and more feminine kind of. But it also threw a “wanna be” macho image through the ads. I felt like, this guys is thinking in his mind “Damn! Somebody 30 years ago fixed a stupid font to me, and I can’t get rid of it now.”
It’s like a chinese trying to be an Indian. It’s totally contradictory and everything just juts out. All the while, the ads and fillers always “tried” to be cool. Nah, Coke not for me.

Pepsi, on the other hand, although belittled too often for it’s “sweet” image, was cool and hep to me. I love the blues-white-red combination. It is a perfect mix and balance of everything. It was always youth, new, fresh, improving..ah, just like how I want it to be. Probably it’s because Pepsi has taken more avatars than Coke (Remember Vanilla Coke where Vivek Oberoi played Elvis?) that were successful. As I said earlier, Coke was always “trying” but never succeeded.

Look at the brand ambassadors with Pepsi and Coke.

Pepsi – Shahrukh, John, Amithabh Bachhan, Sachin Coke – Aamir, Hrithik, Aishwarya ?

Well, there may be others but I can’t think of any now. Poor recall value !

And, do you know what I liked most about Pepsi? When Coke went through trouble times, alleged of exploiting natural resources, Pepsi did not use it for their advantage.

My thoughts may be skewed but, Pepsi – I love you.

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  • Very bad for health. Not just Coke and the natural resources issue.

    The body spends lot of energy removing CO2 from the body. And you give body more work by drinking carbonated water called Peps(or Coke). Hence proved. It does more harm than good. Simple logic.

    Oh and yes, I have never seen another person who looks so much into the logo and color combo before buying something. Wicked.

  • I’ve heard lot of scary stuff too Prashant and Niyaz,

    Someone popped a mentos into a coke bottle and told me it would explode of sorts and someone else told me that if you place your tooth in pepsi for some time, it would decay.

    I thought the hcl acid in your stomach is even more destructing if you place your tooth in it , it would decay still.

    Hmm, I may be wrong. And i think there should be a way of drinking it safe. lol

  • I was just goin thru webpages, n found ur page here, nt a bad idea to pen dwn ur thoughts, keep it up…

    and as for this topic, huh! m also kinda addicted to Softdrinks, no such brand bt depends on the taste my tongue will like at that time…

    yea logically dey are dangerous to health but ne ways can do such kinda stuff, if u dnt njoy d life, whts d use livin it…..

    lol to drink it safe, Mix a glass of mineral Water…..rofl….now dont discuss on the brand of water u wuld prefer….;)


  • can you help me to find the power structure of Pepsi co, the control system, ritual & routine, and the paradigm of Pepsi co?
    thx b4

  • hi everyone. i’m seriously addicted to pepsi soda and it has started to affect my life in a negative way. i have cut out every other drink in my life and now only consume pepsi. not good huh, well not only that but i believe it has afeected my life mentally and emotionally as well. my personality has changed the more i have consumed. i am 24 yrs old, and have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure. if you can help me in any way contact my email please. it would be a great help me, and my family.