Indian Classical Music Raagas – Guide & Meaning

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2013)

Indian Classical music is abundant with its emotional intricacies. It forms the basis of every song from Sheila Ki Jawani to Ek Chatur Naar. But sadly, today’s youth does not have the time and patience to study or even understand its richness (including me). But Indian Classical Music lies very close to nature and science, for the same reason its very important, to the extent that, it can cure illness both physical and mental.  Music Therapy in Dementia Care – Reference 1Music in Intervention for Children and Adolescents with Autism: a Meta-Analysis – Reference 2Music Therapy Program at Temple University – Reference 3. Scientific studies has proved that certain Raagas have curing powers. This is something we all experience while listening to a peppy song and suddenly jump into good moods. The underlying fact is that raagas are mathematically perfect like the Golden Ratio, and they have a surprising connection with the human body and energy.

I think it will help us all to know at least the basics of Indian Classical music, and how they affect our times and moods.

Pratyush Gupta, has created an amazing infographic that gives a quick reference chart like guide to the various Raagas in Indian Classical Music and how they affect our moods, what they signify, their usages etc. Check it out.

Thanks to Jayasreesaranathan.

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