Indian Railways Train Schedule on Google Maps w/ Real Time Stats

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

This is one of those apps that you use for the first three seconds and go – “Whoa! Why didn’t I come across this earlier.” I stumbled on this Indian Railways + Google Maps mashup application and had a true wow moment!

So, this app does a real time mapping of all the Indian Railway Trains that are running at the moment over Google maps, basically giving you a live visual update of which train is running where and what their live status is.

You get to to see which train is running, where is it currently located, how delayed or early it is running, and the train route live as you hover over the arrows on the map – brilliant stuff!

Some other cool info you can get from this app are:

Live Stats On trains running right now on the Indian Railway system

Towards the top of the app, you’ll find a summary of how many trains are running at the moment and what is their overall On-Time v/s Delay stats.

Indian Railways Train Stats - Live! on Google Maps

Live update on any train between stations – Location and Stats

Using the search function, you can pretty much accurately locate where a particular train is at the moment. Just punch in the train number/name or the location, and you’ll get to know exactly where it is and what’s the status.


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