Here’s The Reason Why India’s Future Is All Bright & Shining!

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2016)

During 1975, when Sholay was still playing, the first digital camera was released and it cost $10,000+. Fast forward to PK, a million times better digital camera is available for less than a $1000! This is the kind of exponential growth we’re going through as a civilization.

And India is on the centre stage of innovation. Not everything we hear about India’s innovation is true though. Numbers are hugely misleading.

In this amazing talk by Vivek Wadhwa, he tells the incredible story of growth India is going through and puts things in to perspective from a global angle.

He breaks some of the common myths associated with Entrepreneurship, in Silicon Valley and India, and brings into light some glaring challenges and shows us a glimpse of the future and how India will play an integral part of it.

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