The Unseen Side of Internet Marketing

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2020)

I’m tired of seeing the extrapolated, overhyped, over the top, unreasonably successful life of internet marketers plastered all over the internet.

Back in those days, it was some guy sitting on a beach in his boxers sipping Pina Colada with an IBM ThinkPad on his lap.

“Buy my e-book, I’ll make you rich”. He said (the exit popup said).

These days they’ve upped the game.

We’re talking Ferraris and Bugattis in the garage (just casually flashing it in the background), some palace looking mansion in Hollywood and chartered flights with semi-naked super model throwing themselves at our hero.

Everyone’s awkwardly flawless & super successful. Jeez, but….

Where are these guys from? What’s all this money doing?

This all sounds so bubble gummi-sh and too good to be true to me.

Now, before you judge me, don’t get me wrong.

I respect and admire some of these successful marketers. Some of them have amazing stories to tell and give away lots of wisdom from their life experiences. It’s great.

But this hyperbola of success – doesn’t sound or look right.

Maybe my problem is, no one’s talking about issues here.

Like the stress, they go through. The mistakes you make or just being real.

Forget the ads and the few 1% of the pyramid for a moment. Most marketers I know are hustlers.

Like regular folks working their ass off from their bedrooms, sacrificing on their family time.

Folks who hoard on domain names in the hope of starting a business someday, only to let them go after a while.

Folks who make several mistakes and have failed businesses.

Folks who make five-ten figures but at the same time, pay most of it to keep their products running.

Folks who drive Toyotas and Hondas.

Folks who juggle with a thin team on multiple projects.

Where are they?

The Risks Involved

Don’t get me wrong. I make 5-6 figures a month from internet marketing.

But it’s not all rosy and cozy as you might imagine.

Fuck I wish I was sitting in a nice Hawai beach sipping Pina Coladas in my boxers. Sigh!

I’m here, sitting in my home office, with some 31+ odd tabs open on Chrome, my 2017 model MacBook Pro heating up my lap, with a frown on my face and wrinkles under my eyes, multitasking like anything!

Last month we hit $9,000+ in passive income. Great!

But last year we made almost double that in Feb. Fuck Corona and the slumping economy!

Your running costs have increased to $6,000 this year.

You got to pay freelancers. Those 23+ little apps and tools that max-out your credit card every month.

One of your hosts had 30% more overage charges last month. Fuck you Google for showing my site on the first page. I wasn’t ready for it.

You got to pay for subscriptions, renewals. Damn!

One of your affiliate partners just decided not to pay you this month because they had an outage.

Now you’re anxious. You get panic attacks.

This is real. This is life. We need to talk about this.

One day you’re making millions. Next month, only half as much.

Just like a stock trader, or a 9-5 job, there are risks.

You always have the “what happens if” question hanging on top of your head.

Anxiety is a Real Thing

According to a study by Michael Gold and Mona Mustafa, titled “New Technology, Work and Employment”, at the Royal Holloway University of London, an interesting observation was made.

Based on diaries, questionnaires and interviews, it reveals that, while connected freelancers do not generally work excessively long hours, they do work irregular hours. This is because ‘work always wins’ in a conflict with domestic commitments, a phenomenon the article dubs ‘client colonisation’. Client colonisation was a source of anxiety for respondents, who found themselves continually thinking about the current and future projects on which their livelihoods depend. 

Source – (New Technology, Work and Employment)

Anxiety, among freelancers, work from home folks and internet marketers are high and a real thing!

Fact is that it is very little talked about.

The Good Life You Miss

Okay, just ask yourself this question.

When was the last time you went out on a family trip with your loved ones and wasn’t thinking about work in your head, silently?

You can try and lie but if you’re a serious internet marketer, you’d be nodding your head by now.

It’s real. The irony.

Being an internet marketer, you get all the time you want.

You’re not stuck to your cubicle.

You can travel wherever you like.

You get freebies and stuff.

But, can you enjoy all of it and relax?

You only wished you got more time in a day.

If only there was 50 hours in a day.

Your little one is beside you, asking you to play with him but you’re fire fighting your notifications tab on the project management tool.

How sad.

Why aren’t internet marketers talking about this?

Why is everybody only showing off their new bling-blings and gadgets?

The “uncool” internet marketer

I think the future is where everyone does something of their own.

Not perhaps launch a new million-dollar, cancer-curing product…but some side hustle to pay the bills.

Perhaps a YouTube channel, or a blog.

Whatever it is, the opportunities are many.

The satisfaction you get from doing something on your own is great.

But at the same time, the threats and risks are real.

Perhaps those guys who show off their Bentleys and Balenciagas are real.

But they’re only a few. The 1% of 1%.

The rest of us are hustlers, trying to do bigger things with whatever little we’ve left.

Of money, of time.

Let us be real.