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iPhone price in India – Big disappointment!

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2008)

There’s no doubt that iPhone will remain a premium commodity and not a crowd puller in India. You’ve seen why.

Now, there’s even more to worry.

An iPhone in India will cost you INR – 36,000 for a 16GB model.
In the US, a 16GB Apple iPhone 3G is available at $299 (around INR 12,259). So an Apple iPhone 3G in India will cost you three times as that of it’s original price. WOW!

For non-believers, Check out this news from Reuters.

iPhone India Price

I suspect this is a much thought after “premium pricing” strategy from Apple (or whoever is behind it in India), because they already know that it’s not going to be popular even if the price is kept lower.

So who’s going to take it for 36,000 Rs with no 3G, and all the other list of drawbacks?

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