My iPhone X First Impressions

So, I got a new iPhone X. Didn’t think I would get one as I’ve been using a iPhone 7 Plus and I was super comfy with it, but it cracked into pieces, as it fell off.

So I ordered a new iPhone X from Amazon and got it delivered two days back.

So far, these are my first impressions.

The goods

– It’s flawless in design. Except for the thing on the top. But like everything else, you’ll turn blind to it.

– It’s super smooth in performance. Almost as good as my Macbook pro. No lagging, delays or anything similar.

– Display is just yummy.

– Love the chrome finish and over build quality.

The bads

– Closing apps/multiple opened tabs were faster and easier earlier. Now I have to wait a second, wait another and delete windows one by one. Earlier it was easy as hitting the home button and swiping up.

– Is smaller than the 7 plus. So moving back from7 plus to X feels like going back. It’s more like using the 5.

– Price.

– Wireless charging kit has to be bought separately, (wireless headphones too).

But like every other iPhone, it’s a well designed product and it’s very easy to use it. If you have the Apple eco system, this is the best iPhone ever! (although that sounds cliche).


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