Is it really not possible to trace out a telephone number ?

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2008)

Shame, is it not?

The TV9 reporter received the threating call from a number – 091118809 on his cellphone, giving indications of the possible bomb blasts in Kerala (News article). And I’m wondering why is it not possible to trace out the number?

Speculations are that this is an internet telephone number, so could it be from Skype or other calling programs? If so, would it not be possible for the IB to contact the companies and trace them out?

Now, come on’ spoofing, masking whatever you call it, we have the brains to crack that. Or so we all believe.

It’s pathetic that we weren’t able to trace back the call, had we been able to, at least some of the mayhem yesterday at Cochin could’ve been avoided.

Just did a Google search on this and found that there are lot of programs available that will help you trace out unlisted phone numbers and IPs. And there are also lot of “reverse directories” available, so even if we may not find the exact end point, wouldn’t it be possible to trace the route?

Now come on’ dude.. what lives are we living?

Techies out there? Any clues?

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