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Jasper AI writing assistant

This is a review of the Jasper AI Content Writing tool and no this is not written by Jasper (at least not entirely).

Damn, how times have changed. I remember back in 2005 when I started blogging, the struggle to write great content was real.

Content marketing has evolved over the years. From listicles to 10X content, from 500 words summaries to 10,000 words long “Ultimate guides”, we’ve come a long way.

Many freelancers and content writing agencies have come and gone. And here we are in 2022 with content writing robots or AI tools!

Jasper (previously called Jarvis) is the front runner in this category with its AI-driven content writing assistant.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI Tool Review

Are you looking for a writing assistant to help you write better? Look no further than Jasper AI. This amazing tool can help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, and style.

In this review, we will discuss the features that make Jasper AI so unique and helpful. We will also talk about how to use it to get the most out of its capabilities. So, read on to learn more about this fantastic tool!

Here’s what Jasper says about itself.

Jasper AI is a cloud based tool that makes use of natural language processing (NLP) techniques to assist writers in their writing tasks.

Jasper’s mission is to help writers become better at what they do. It does this by providing them with the tools and resources necessary for improving their craft while also making writing easier and more enjoyable. The tool has been designed from scratch with an eye towards simplicity so that even someone who doesn’t know much about computers can use it effectively right away without needing any training or experience beforehand!

The engine has been trained on millions of documents across several languages like English, Spanish, Chinese and French so as to understand different styles of writing/grammar rules which results in better suggestions for the users who want it at any given time without needing much human intervention!

Jasper also helps improve your style over time by giving feedback on what’s working well or poorly according to our own training process.

What can you use Jasper AI for?

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing assistant. It can help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, and style while also making writing easier and more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, it’s a robot.

It’s as good as what you make out of it.

However, there are plenty of opportunities where Jasper AI can help you with.

There’s everything from blog posts, YouTube title generators to Facebook and Personal Bio content you can writ with Jasper AI.

Jasper is not a replacement for your content writer

After having tried Jasper, I can tell you confidently that Jasper is not a replacement for your writer.

It’s at best a tool that will help you speed up certain parts of content writing process.

For example, it can suggest you content ideas based on your keywords.

It can suggest you amazingly well written titles.

It can write certain parts of your content amazingly well.

It can improve certain parts of your content by making it easy to read and simple.

What it’s not – You cannot just give it a bunch of keywords and brief and expect a full article in return. No.

How to get started with Jasper AI

Once you launch Jasper AI, you get to the Dashboard. From there you get to “Templates”.

This is where you can choose the kind of content you’d be writing.

There are all kinds of content available. Like long form, AIDA framework, Blog post topic idea, Blog post outline etc.

You can pick and choose the one you want to get started.

Let’s go for Long form Assistant.

Jasper - Templates
Once you choose long form assistant, you can choose the following.
  • Title
  • Content description/brief
  • Tone of voice and
  • Keywords.

Tip: The more descriptive you are with Title and Content Description, the better the output will be.

You’re also required to type in a few relevant keywords.

Hit “Compose” and you’ll get the content generated.

I always add a specific line in the content itself, to feed the AI. Like for example, “What is AI?” in this example.

Using a question like that always helps the AI to stay focused and give something more structured.

On the top, there’s a toggle for “Focus/Boss Mode”. Turning on Boss mode, activates all the features.

This is where you can stitch together different parts of the long form content, with different tools on the side bar menu.

For example, there’s “Blog post intro paragraph”, that you can use to create the introduction paragraph.

Once done, you can even use the “Summary” section.

These “parts” are what you should use to create a long form blog content.

And for every “part” you need to give specific inputs to Jasper. Like for example, in the “Blog Post Conclusion Paragaph” part, you need to give the following inputs in order to get the content output.

  • What are the main points or outline of your blog post?
  • Call to Action
  • Tone of voice.

Jasper AI Recipes

Apart from “Starting from scratch” and using “Templates”, Jasper also gives you “Recipes” for each content use scenario, that’ll help you create content quickly from pre-built templates.

This is an absolute time saver!

Let’s try “Product Review Blog Post” recipe. Here’s what it does.

It creates a set of commands for Jasper with which you’ll get an entire blog post listing down X number of products in a listicle format targeted for a particular keyword.

Of course, it doesn’t give you everything at the click of a button but with enough guidance and rewrites, you could get a decent enough article on the subject.

Problems with Jarvis AI writing assistant

Jarvis AI is like a kid. It works well when the instructions given are clear.

When it doesn’t have enough guidance it goes haywire and gets in to “loop” mode – a common problem I’ve noticed happen over and over again.

It keeps repeating certain parts of the content when it runs out of input options. And this is a major bummer.

But this happens usually when there are no clear instructions or input available.

So, at every point, you got to give Jasper instructions on how to go about writing, the seed keywords and the brief. That always work.

Jasper AI Pricing & Summary

Jasper Ai writing assistant has two pricing options. One at $29 per month and another at $99 per month. On the $29 plan, there’s a limit of 20,000 words and on the $99 plan, there’s a limit of 100,000 words.

Is it worth it? Well, it depends on your use case.

I think Jasper is great for agencies who have editors and writers working collaboratively on content with clear inputs to Jarvis (Oops! Jasper) on what to write and how.

You can save a ton of time with Jasper if you know how to structure your content, give Jasper the right information and commands.

If you’re a single person blogger, then the $29 plan may be a good fit for you. Of course, you still have to give the commands and inputs to make things work the way you want.

And if you write a lot, then Jasper can save you the time. $29 is a good deal if you write a lot of content.

Your time will go more into management, than writing. Which is good in one way. Not sure if everyone would get it though.

Good thing is that they have a lot of tutorial videos on how to use Jasper. That always helps.

So, if you’d ask me if I’d recommend Jasper? Hell Yeah!

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