Kerala Blogcamp – I’d love to be there next time


It was good and great..kickass!
I think there’s something all “unconferences” can learn from this blogcamp, if the venue is different, then it adds that charm and excitement to the event. Been to techno parks and cyber parks, board rooms and indoor stadiums but let me be honest with this, the joy of sailing on a house boat is something that’s exciting. I won’t even try to describe how the food was, I’m not good at it, but it was truly -“kerala”. Not trying to say that all blogcamps has to be on boats but if we can make them outside the board rooms or “echoey” halls it’s always great.

The gathering was diverse and spread out. Around 120 guys from different streams, students, geeks, entrepreneurs, cartoonists, farmer turned bloggers, singers, and lot of enthusiastic bloggers. Can you ask for more?

Pradip Somasundaran, popular playback singer opened up a good discussion on Audio Blogging and ultimately was pushed to reveal out trade secrets of popular singers, when he disclosed that they use sophisticated audio softwares and pitch manipulating plugins. He was talking on softwares, hardwares and publishing platforms for audio bloggers.

Kenney Jacob had a good presentation on his passionate topic – Campus Blogging.

Kerala Farmer – is a true inspiration and representative of passion towards blogging. This gentleman from kerala is a farmer, who finds time out to blog (on his numerous regional language blogs) even when he has to find time to cultivate and look after his poultry. I was amazed to see his technological expertise in regional blogging, linux and blogging platforms. As a matter of fact he had discontinued his education after the tenth grade. (And he’s currently in his 60’s) He has revealed many “disturbing facts” he himself found out from the Governments data, which he says is often corrupt and misleading. He intends to bring forth truth on these through his blog and rightly says – “Blogs are my weapons!

Sanjjeev, a popular cartoonist from kerala had all the crowd around him, as he was busy sketching cartoons of almost everyone in the boat. 120 of them!

I was doubtful on what knowledge level should I address the gathering on SEO, as they were diverse, but somehow pulled it off with hints on profitable blogging, and how seo and social media can help you. I have the slide uploaded on Slideshare – not a great one, but you may like it.

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