Kolaveri Viral Hit–SRK should take a lesson from Dhanush

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

Dhanush’s Kolaveri song is probably the proper first of its kind viral video hit in the Indian Digital space. A clear example of how properly designed content can hit-overturn everything without burning your pocket. The Kolaveri song had all the ingredients needed for a viral hit that would ring a bell with everyone. It’s the content that works the “magic”, nothing else. It would be interesting to compare the SRK extra vaganza Ra-One and Kolaveri song, though they are not on the same table. SRK probably spend crores on his digital media budget “pushing” every bit of blue pixel online trying to get the Ra-One YouTube page viral. He even had a YouTube take over page.

Kolaveri Social Media

What SRK (or Red Chilies, their digital team) didn’t realize is the fact that if you decide to push your content down the viewer’s throat (like on TV), it never works online. Of course, you get a huge ego boost (and a decent amount of clicks too) when you see your ads everywhere on the internet (I dread those days where every website had a RaOne Ad on Google AdSense). But the user’s will use their judgment to push your stale content away. Now, here is also a chicken and egg question. If your content is good, why do you have to promote it? It would promote by itself, right?

No. “Good content” on the internet is a relative term. Nobody thinks their content is stale. But there are certain ingredients common in a “good content” on the digital space(Internet particularly). Huge hits (We’re talking million views without any spend) on the internet always has the following characters.

  1. Simple and easy to digest content – Show it your grandma or a baby and they should react positively to it.
  2. Emotional  Quotient –Content that hits the user emotionally in the first 3 seconds or earlier – It should make them either laugh, cry or disturbed in the first 3 seconds.
  3. The itch to share – Viewers should feel uncomfortable not sharing the content.
  4. The ego gratification – Users should feel happy for sharing the content.
  5. Love Hate Quotient – People can either hate or love the content, not ignore it. If they ignore, that means you’re not worth existing.
  6. Realistic Feel – It shouldn’t look promotional in nature – SRK’s content were all classic promotion stuff. There is nothing exciting about it. It looks like “made up” for promotion. Bull shit.

There were several viral hits that made it big for its stupid content. The fact is the the content is not ignorable.

You hate it – You share it. You look cool by saying something negative about it.

You love it – You share it. You look cool by identifying yourself with the content.

Kolaveri has got all the basics right. A simple hummable peppy number, peppered with Dhanush and the two gorgeous girls, with a natural looking environment. Note that the video would not have been a hit had the song been a mainstream typical tamil film song, with the same lyrics.

Today, it’s the most successful viral hit where everyone from India and abroad are talking about. It becomes a new learning experience to the Digital Media folks in India, I hope.

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