Looking to hire an Experienced Blogger

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2009)

A friend of mine is looking to hire experienced bloggers for maintaining an organizations blog. Thought I’d post it here, for you to have a look and may be share with potential bloggers. Any help to find the right person is appreciated.

Here’s how the ad-copy would look like.

We are starting a new blog about an organization that is dedicated to helping low income individuals in rural areas.  The blog will have wonderful pictures, videos and posts.  We need to find a very hard working individual to lead this project and manage and write for the blog.  They must be able to post pictures and videos as well.
Main requirements

  • Have written and managed a blog before
  • excellent writing skills, no grammatical or spelling errors
  • ability to resize and post pictures to accompany articles
  • ability to write nice small but informative posts (sometimes around 250 words each)
  • extremely quick response time to email requests by managers
  • extremely quick response time to post brand new content to the blog

In addition we are looking for

  • Someone who will not waste time at work (facebook, reading personal emails etc)
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Willing to help out with other administrative tasks
    You can contact me directly, if interested at mani(a)dailyseoblog.com