Malayala Manorama’s obsession with “blue” tooth

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2008)

There should be a genuine reason why they are boldly at it, I’m damn sure.
What shall I call it – “Youth empowerment” ? Yes, that’s a comparatively lighter title for a commendable effort from Manorama.

Manorama is all set to do a “jan jagran” on the “blue tooth culture in Kerala”. And if you have no idea the seriousness of this issue, watch out for front pages of Manorama when there is no harthals or scoops. There would most likely be a “news article” on the new media culture, youtube, blue tooth etc and how they are making the young blood of Kerala notorious on the internet. If you want to push this aside as “yellow journalism” then my friend you are mistaken, I’d say you are rather a “non-responsible citizen” who does not understand the importance of fighting against the impending of the evils of ur society.

Malayala Manorama

Manorama have two stories to their credit on “blue tooth” until now, one on todays frontpage and another on a sunday mag (cochin edition). And I can guess how disturbed they are with this, as is a responsible citizen of free India.

What is the big evil that’s cropped up in our society today?

Mobile phones, Blue tooth, MMS, YouTube, Sleazy SMS – yep big time! If you want to know how MMS are being made, ask Manorama. Manorama’s authors know exactly how they are being made, executed and distributed across. They have illustrated each MMS story with the taste of a film script, so that even the school going children can comprehend it and understand the consequences of it. That’s a commedable effort I salute. Had they written about arrests and legal consequences of the evil, people would be disinterested for sure. So instead of writing about how to stop it, or what the truth is, Manorama takes a bold stand of illustrating each MMS stories with their stories, how they are made, who’s behind it etc so that it is palatable to everyone. Perfect plot!

According to Manorma, they have all the inside stories and details of the movie clips being circulated on the internet and mobile phones, their creators state of mind, the clips script, their plot and location, the actors, their complaints, petitions, police reports and all that.

So all those guys running the sleazy websites and porn discussion boards, beware, one day Manorama will catch you red handed. We have started a revolution to empower the youth against impending dangers from these evil deeds.

Towards a “Blue tooth less Kerala” !