Mammooty starts blogging – But on blogspot ?

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2009)

I was happy to hear the news today, that Malayalam cine super star Mammootty started blogging on Jan 1, 2009. But was surprised to see that he’s on blogspot, and that too with an awkward domain name. The URL is at

I think Mr.Mammooty had to go with the popular misconception that a “blog” has to be on and has to carry a blogspot extension. Sad !

Aamir Khan and Amitabh has both popular blogs in Bollywood and Aamir is on his own domain, while Big B is on Bigadda (but that’s a deal with the Ambanis.)

I would’ve easily guessed Mr.Mammooty to start the blog on his own domain, it’s not difficult to find one these days right ? May be he does not know the problems of starting the blog on

  • Anyone could flag the blog and get it deleted from blogspot.
  • You could have a tough time moderating comments
  • Zero scalability
  • Possible threat of getting deleted from blogger

After all it takes only 250 Rs to register a .com domain.

Anyways, Mr.Mammooty if you are listening, I own, and there are lot of searches on Google on “Mammootty blog”. If you’d like to have the domain name, I’d be happy to.

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