Mangalore ‘Pub Amnesia’ Incident shows how f***ed up our society is

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2009)

Those video clips on TV where the girls are being beaten in public, reminds me of nothing less than the barbaric Hitler days.

The only reason why this has occurred is because the people (alleged as prostitutes and immoral activists) are from the “public” and they don’t have any one backing them up. Had there been any VIP there, this wouldn’t have happened.

How pathetic – Is it not ?

I do have a few questions to the so called “Protectors of the Indian Tradition”, whatever sena they belong to.

If you have the balls to it, would you dare go destroy all the swamis and gurus hubs in India who travel in Benz and Caravans ? 

I have never read or heard of anything in the Hindu scripts where it says “Sanyasis” have to take the easy or the luxury route. They are supposed to walk. ( If they have a health problem, they can take autos or buses or even cars, that’s understandable.)

But why should the swamis live in seven star hotels, travel in caravans and sit in air-conditioned rooms only ?

A Sanyasi is supposed to – Develop vair?gya, or a state of dispassion and detachment from material life.

“Your” swamis are completely against it. They are living against the scriptures or the so called “tradition”.

If they can do it, I can go to a pub too. And that’s not as stupid as a faking swami. Or do I have to be a swami to do it ? I don’t know, it’s confusing.

If you cannot do it, and still believes that the “swamis” exist for their passion to uplift Indian tradition and “good living”, I pity you. The incident tells the world that you are doing it just because you are insecure and frustrated about we living a life, and you a dreaded one.

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