Mango Weekends Free movie tickets at Sridhar

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2008)

Radio Mango has announced an interesting initiative in Cochin, to make our weekends eventful. Free movie tickets for movie buffs in Cochin! (Yawn..)

Well, for Cochin people (Kochiites?), weekends means movie and dinner with a walk around the rainbow bridge is it not? So, this seems to be a good offer that might click. Radio Mango says, they’ll be offering free movie tickets (for latest movies) to all those who win participating in their contests, which are extremely tough to win and requires extra ordinary IQ. 😀

Right now, they are in partnership with Sridhar Cinemas, which has a capacity of 560 seats, so that means Radio Mango “might” provide 1120 tickets over a weekend? Nah, they may only have a limited amount to give off, but that’s OK – a fair deal.

So, one movie, one theatre, 560 seats, two days, one damn crowd ! Interesting. Hope they’ll partner out with all the movie houses in Cochin.

Pic courtesy – Demonsquire