Meet Ghost – The new blogging platform that is probably better than WordPress

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2013)

Don’t take my word for it. But it sure looks promising!

There have been many blogging projects, that emerged over the years, that could have been potential competition (for the lack of any other word I could think of) for WordPress. Like Habari, Medium, Branch etc. But WordPress, with its community support and versatility, have stood the test of time, emerging as the most popular blogging platform ever!

Enter Ghost. A blogging platform that’s devoid of distractions, but excels in just what you love to do – blogging!


Wish I could get my hands on it and do a trial run, but currently invites are limited.

From the screenshots and video alone, its not right to make any assumptions but from what is seen, I have an inclination to believe that this is something cool.

Check it out here – Ghost Blogging Platform!

Ghost Kickstarter page.

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