Mobile phones ban in Kerala colleges and sleazy MMS culture

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2008)

Today there was a program on one of the Malayalam channels, where the host dressed as an advocate, was fighting his way up against the “MMS-mobile phone-cyber culture mafia” in Kerala. It was indeed a thought provocating program especially in the light of Kerala Government banning (or trying to) mobile phone in College campuses.

The program was heavily skewed and ended up with a conclusion that mobile phones are the sole reason why the morale of the youth is degrading.

Can’t think of any reason to agree to it because, I think even though mobile phones might have been one of the “side effects” of the so called “problem creators” youth culture, that definitely isn’t a serious issue calibrating and weighing the 101 plus problems we have in the Kerala society. There have been all types of people in all generations. There have been hippies in the 70’s, there were hashish and brown sugar in the campuses, and there have been guys with “sai baba hair” (No offense please) and yellow glasses complimenting pink pants in the campuses earlier. Many of them are still in the society, well in a changed size and shape.

My thought is – why does Kerala Government pick up so seemingly lesser issues and act upon while turning a blind eye(in style) to much more severe and critical disasters?

The program I was talking about showed smudged and blurred visuals of some sleazy MMS and X-rated videos, claiming that they got clippings from locked phones (which they unlocked..huh big deal!) from the campuses of Kerala. Now, is that really necessary? Are they trying to say that campuses should not talk or see porn! God almighty…what are they talking about?

According to the Law of attraction, if you start to fight against something, you are in effect endorsing it. Because you exist with your opposition only because the root cause is existent.

Similarly, trying to cut away youth from porn(shall I call it glamour?), or trying to assume that your society is holy because no one speaks about it is simply foolishness. What we need is to curb it so that it does not cross the limits where people are hurt and ruined because of it.

I’m not trying to support any sect, class or culture here, but purely agitated to the fact that Kerala, with it’s ample amount of resources, is not at all even thinking of using them for productive needs rather indulge in wasteful deeds like this, assuming that this is bliss!

Why isn’t anyone doing anything about the infrastructure development or even widening the roads? Why isn’t anyone bothered about roping in companies to Infopark? MMS scandals are scoop I know, but still.

Oh yea, meanwhile, the program – while it ended saying that the Kerala youth is “degrading” in it’s moral values and hoping that no cell phone will capture vulgar pictures of women, what came next almost gifted me a big laugh! A stage show exclusive telecast promo on the same channel where scantly clad “glamorous amrapalis”, were dancing in true “moral” style. The camera kept zooming in, don’t ask me why.

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