10 Must Have Apps For Hardcore Movie Buffs

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2012)

Are you a Jedi who knows a lot about movies and uses IMDB and Scene It as your light sabers?
Or are you Batman who uses movie trivia as batrang? Or perhaps Joker who makes CD and DVDs disappear using magic tricks?


If you are a movie lover, watching movies and knowing about them is an important part of your life.
In this list, I will be telling you about 10 apps which can make watching, analyzing and finding movies easy for you.

The Player That Plays Everything

VLC is a feature rich media player that can play almost everything out there.
And it is available for every platform except Windows CE, Windows Phone and DOS.
Why You Need It:

  1. It plays everything.
  2. It is available on all platforms.
  3. It is faster and lighter than other mainstream media players.

One glaring fault with VLC is its lack of auto resume feature, but for everything else, it works really well.

Download VLC Media Player.

Biggest Movie Database on Planet

IMDB, or Internet Movie Database, is an online database of movies and television programs. As a movie buff, you will find a lot of information here. Everything from movies to personalities is covered.
Here are some of the excellent features the app offers:

  1. Charts: You can see which movies are popular and how they are performing on box office.
  2. Discovery: When you visit a movie page, you can find the related movies by genre. Top movies for actors are displayed as well.
  3. Did You Know: that Christian Bale is first actor to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in 3 movies? If you are the kind of movie fan who likes to know all the facts, IMDB is the app to go!

You can access IMDB using IMDB.com or the dedicated apps for iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Android. Apps can be downloaded here.

Completely Free Movies

You should download Crackle right now.  Why?
Because it lets you watch movies without (yes, that is “without”) any subscription. You can use the web app, your iPhone or Android to access the movies anywhere.

The app has very good interface. Streaming quality and speed is good as well. Only drawback is that it is available in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil or Latin America only.

Why You Will Love Crackle:

  1. Free Movies: No subscription needed. You can watch full length movies whenever you want.
  2. TV Episodes: If you get tired of movies, there are TV series available as well.

You may want to avoid the app if you do not like the ads as it uses short video ads to cover costs.

Facebook for Movies

Flixter is a social network for movie fans. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Balckberry. You can also access all the features using web site.
Flixter offers following features for you:

  1. Movie Ratings: You can rate movies and see the ratings for movies you are planning to watch.
  2. Discover Movies & Fans: You can also find related movies and meet people who have similar movie choices as you.
  3. Free Movies & Movie Management:  Under My Movie section, you can manage movies linked to your UltraViolet account and also get free movies. You get one free movie for downloading the app. However, it is randomly chosen for you. You can get more movies by inviting friends and linking your Facebook account.
  4. Netflix Integration: If you use Netflix, the app allows you to manage your queue and add movies to it from Home section.
  5. Quizzes: You can take fun movie quizzes to test your movie knowledge inside the app.
  6. DVD: If you like watching movies at home, this section is for you. You can see which movies have recently been released on DVD and which will soon be there.

Flixter is a good app which is available for all popular platforms. And UltraViolet integration is icing on the cake.

Streaming Movies, To a Device Near You

If you want to watch movies without interruption, Netflix is your Final Destination 😉 .
For a small subscription fee of $7.99, Netflix allows you to watch movies on most of your devices. Supported devices include iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone, Xbox, PS 3 and Wii.
Here’s why you should go for Netflix:

  1. Large Library: Netflix has around 10,000 movies and 4,000 TV series available for streaming. You can watch any of these at any time you want.
  2. Platform Support: Netflix supports almost every popular platform and you can watch movies on any device you own.
  3. No Penalties: One of the biggest problems with renting services is due dates and fines. With Netflix DVDs, you do not face any penalties for being late. You can have DVD shipped to you and can watch without any worries.

Netflix is the go to place for all your movie watching needs. Latest movies may not be there but the large library and unlimited access compensates for it.

Run Pee

When you are sitting in theatre watching a blockbuster, last thing you want is to miss an important scene because of pee break.
Run Pee helps you by alerting for pee breaks automatically.
Just download the app for your phone and select the movie you are watching. Then, start timer after initial credits. Now keep your phone in pocket and enjoy the movie. Your phone will vibrate when it is safe to run for a pee break without missing any important plot point.
It’s that simple! So go and download the app to ensure that you never miss anything important because of that unavoidable pee break.

The Player That Plays Everything, on iPad

I have already mentioned VLC Media Player in the article but there is a little problem with it. Because of Apple’s app store policies, GPL software is not allowed on App Store. And VPC just happens to be using same license.
There is a VLC streaming app available but it is not that good. To fulfil all your movie watching needs, you can use OPlayer.
It can play most of the video formats, including the ones that iPad doesn’t by default and also add subtitles. And if you happen to be a power user who wants to use FTP, Dropbox, Streaming, SAMBA and any other fancy features, OPlayer supports them all.
You will have to fork out $4.99 for all these capabilities though. Download OPlayer HD from iTunes Store.

Best Trivia Game for Movies

Scene It? Movies is a great trivia game for any movie goer.
It features movie clips, audios and puzzles from past 30 years of Hollywood movies.
This is the app you should use to test your knowledge about movies. Download it and before you know, you will be spending hours on your phone.

Facebook for Movies, TV Shows and Books [You may ignore shows and books]

GetGlue is a social network for people who like watching movies, TV shows and reading.
Here are the features that you will love:

  1. Check Ins: You can check in to movies, shows and books to let your friends on Twitter and Facebook know what you are watching or reading.
  2. Friend Notifications: You can easily see what your friends are up to.
  3. Ratings and Recommendations: You can rate movies and based on your history and ratings, you can find similar movies that you should watch.

You can download GetGlue apps here.

(Officially) The Most Prestigious App

Every movie fan knows about The Oscars, the most prestigious awards
This is the official app for academy awards. It allows you to search all past winners, predict winners for next awards and stay updated about Oscars.

  1. Compete With Friends: Compete with friends to find out who predicts most winners correctly.
  2. Archives: You can search for all the winners and nominees by year or category.
  3. Updates: You will get latest updates about nominations and awards straight from the organizers.

Download The Oscars app for iPhone.
With these apps, you can easily watch the movies and know much more about them.

Go on, download these and impress your friends with amazing facts. Which apps do you use and love?