MTV Roadies – Insulting people to make a living ? Wow, that sure sounds like fun

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2008)

Honestly, I quite like the show, no foul mouth,  it’s fun and entertainment after all. And I must agree that Raghu Ram is a keen observer and is a great analyst, he’s great at auditions too. But from what is seen on TV (a lot would be unseen to us anyway) the show looks way stupid. I mean, stupid because it’s taking people for granted. If you think insulting people for a living is cool, I pity you brother.

Watching this video where an otherwise jolly Nikhil Chinnapa, go way over the top, is simply put – awful !

I mean…dude…. I thought you went to college once, you’re behaving like you never did man !

I just sincerely wish that this show does not break any poor soul who might get chucked out ! It won’t by most chances, and I guess that this is only a “show”. But convince me Mr. Raghu Ram is a good mentor who can cheer up and brighten a lost soul. Screwing ones happiness is easy job mate!