Munching Masala Dosas with Madras style Coffee

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2009)

May be its a southie thing, but Masala Dosas and Madras style filter coffee is for ever refreshing and an anytime favorite of mine. And my search for the typical southie Masala Dosas end at Gokul Oottupura restaurant at Kadavanthra.

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A little pushed away from the main road and the hazzle and buzzle, situated at  the beginning tip of Kadavanthra – Kaloor road, this restaurant is a different experience altogether. It’s pure delight at Gokul because apart from the quality food, the ambience at this place is very soothing and turns on your comfy switch in an instant.


With a typical tea-shop like interiors there’s lot of space and energy. Wooden benches and tables welcome you, unlike the cushioned ones at most other restaurants. Reminds me of the typical Kerala style nair tea-shops. There’s also wall paintings/murals done with an ethnic yet minimalistic touch and some soothing lightning.

And of course the most important part is the quality food. Very clean and tasty food that you can see getting prepared yourself in the open kitchen. Quite humbly this is the best I have tasted in the entire cochin, when it comes to vegetarian food. And its also remarkable that price tag won’t leave a hole in your pocket. Very reasonable pricing for the quality they offer.


If you happen to visit Cochin, and is looking for some nice vegetarian restaurant, step in confidently to Gokul Oottupura. My guarantee !

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  • Does the hotel owner know that you are writing about them..? Wait till they hear it, you will get Free Doshas on your next visit!

    (Oh, I hope guys in cities know what a blog is..right? People from around my place find it hard to take in the Online Diary Concept)

    Two Off topic things:
    1. The last theme was much much better, it was so refreshing from the messy links of the rest of the web

    2. Consider adding a ‘Subscribe to Follow-up comments via email’ pls. I love to hear the replies, in fact everyone would I guess 🙂

    ~ Arun [ 35 kms from Cochin ]

  • Arun, they know yes. But that’s nothing close to Nokia hiring bloggers to review them. Probably one day social media marketing will be mainstream at this part of the world, but it wont be soon I know.

    1. Interestingly, everytime there’s a new theme peeps say that the earlier theme was better. Is it a psychology thing. You know what ? I just fell in love with this theme in the first look itself. It has less space for branding I agree, but I think this is the closest to minimalism and functionality, a well balanced one i was looking for.

    2. Point there. Taken.

  • You might be right, It must be pure inertia. And as Keralites we are more adamant than rest of the world I guess.

    Thats so cool to see the tick box below this box. I love blogs with that box a lot 🙂