New Desktop – HP Pavillion with widescreen monitor – All black !

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2008)

Mac is cool, very cool. But for certain things you need a PC. (Sounds like the Mastercard Ad?)

I’ve been doing all my work on the Mac and Toshiba laptop until now, but thought I need more babies. So got hold of this “black beauty” from HP. This guy is solid, stylish all black and very contrasting to the Mac.

HP Pavillion PC

Super cool to run all those design soft, theme testing, playing games and inserting all those data cards and USB’s (It’s got a so called Bay Area where it can hold all those data cards – very cool !).

The monitor is a separate entity – 19 inch widescreen, perfect for all those design work. And also I’ve added a pair of Creative speakers, that too black – Now here is a tiny constellation “all black” and shining. Heh !