Why the f**k is nobody blogging these days?

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2019)
Why is nobody blogging these days?
Seen above – A totally unrelated picture.

I don’t know man.

I’d like to believe that they still are.

Sitting deep in their comfort zones, un-moved by the listicle bandwagon, un-shaken by the video wave onslaught.

Yes, they exist. But I dunno where they are.

I know a few guys though. They’ve evolved.

I know I still do.

Heck, I’ve evolved too. Godamn, Yes!

Back in those days, I used to blog randomly. I could write about whatever the heck I wanted. And write I did, yeah.

Movies, Restaurants, Products…. Sheesh these days I wish I had continued it.

But the thing is, I wasn’t writing for others (oh, wait you know what I mean.)

I used to write, cos I could.

‘Cos nobody really would call me out for what I did.

Maybe they did. But in my head, I was talking to the world and everyone was listening.

But hey, today things have changed. A lot. For the good.

I feel aged writing this but it’s the truth (that things have changed).

Today, we got all kinds of stuff man.

So much that you’d feel the world is a bad place if you log in to Facebook.

Everyone’s on vacation and frikkin’ model-like on insta. Check out this guy.

And everyone’s an expert on pretty much anything on YouTube. (Check out this dude lol)

But the fact of the matter is, blogging is essentially the same. It’s just evolved differently.

We’re sharing the same info, just different formats.

Thanks to Goldfish, we have shorter, snappier formats now.

Good ol’ blog is the only survivor of long format writing (jeez, I feel old..oh yes!)

Blogging has gotten tougher, man.

But it’ll survive.

Look at you. You’re reading this thing. Why?

Words. They got soul, man.

They move you. And they’ll survive everything.

But yeah, it’s gotten tougher.

Competition. Information Overload. Broadband. Crammed. Clickbait. PageViews.

You get the idea.

But, it’ll survive.

Blogging changed me.

I know it sounds dramatic and everything, but it did.

I started this blog back in 2005 or something and whatever has happened in my life since then, is because of this blog.

I worked a few SEO jobs in India, spoke at conferences, made a lot of friends worldwide, moved to Dubai, worked in the valley for almost seven frickin’ years, got back to India and started a company on my own, even spoke at TEDx! *Whaaaaat!!!??*

All, because of this blog.

So, when someone asks, “Should I start blogging?”, I have questions to ask back.

  • Can you do it just because you like it?
  • Would you stick to it, if nothing came out of it?
  • Would you enjoy it, if nobody reads it?
  • Can you keep it going, for say two years spending out of pocket?

If I get a blank stare back, I’ve got my answer.

And them, theirs.