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In my pursuit to finding happiness and living a good life, I share everything I’ve learnt on this blog – from spirituality to health, tech to food, finance to life skills and everything in between.

Every day is a new learning, a new lesson. If we all shared our experiences, how amazing would it be? More you share, higher the possibilities!

And that’s the reason I blog. In the hope that it offers you something useful and make a difference in your life. At least, try.

About 150,000 people visit it every month and I’m glad to have made them my friends today. 🙂

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Get Smart

Get Smart

We’re all born intelligent. But to get ahead in life, we need that extra something. Learn with me, the tips and tricks to get smarter in life.

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Get Rich

Getting rich isn’t the first priority in life, but it sure helps. Join me in my pursuit in finding out what it takes to get wealthy and rich!

Be Happy

Be Happy

Happiness is everything. It’s what makes or breaks you. Join my pursuit in learning what it takes to be happy & content in life.

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Did Ancient Indians Actually Fly Aircrafts?

So, we've all heard the news - someone at a science conference in India is reported to have mentioned about aircrafts being flown in ancient India, and that too interplanetary. And there has been sharp criticism from different sectors all around including scientists...

An Open Letter To Shenaz Treasuryvala

So, I read Shenaz Treasurywallah's Open Letter. Some great points and arguments in it. Here's my two cents. Shenaz, Your letter is nothing but gender biasing bullshit. Why are you assuming that it's a battle of men and women, when it comes to abuse? You keep saying...

What makes us happy?

Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic professor of Marketing, Stanford Business School, discusses her research into what makes us truly happy, and how our concept of happiness changes as we age.  

Here’s why your Facebook feed sucks

Seeing updates from people you don't even know? You're not alone. Facebook had several algorithm updates (stuff by which it figures out what you like and don't) over the last couple of months and apparently, things have become worse than getting better, at least for...

What happens to your online data after you’ve gone?

So, imagine you have all your data stored in GMail - your documents, bank details, accounts etc and you get into an unfortunate event like an accident where you are not able to access your account. You want to share the important information you shared with your...

Meditation can reshape your brains – Neuroscientist

In this video, Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist, explains with scientific evidence & brain scans how meditation actually changes the size of key regions of our brain, improving our memory and making us more empathetic, compassionate, and resilient under stress. Full...

My Favorite Productivity Hacks

1. Supporting Ambient Music I like to listen to music when I work. Well, most of the times. Especially when I'm alone or at home. At work, I don't listen to music because I'm cautious of my attention and wouldn't want to bother others. People might want to talk to you...

Top Indian Celebrities on Twitter with Fake Followers

When celebrities started using Twitter (which was one of its scale strategies btw both in India and US), I saw the whole nation joining Twitter. I would’ve believed all that celebrity crush, but apparently, it looks like at least some of the celebrities are faking it...

The Mahatma Gandhi, They Don’t Teach Us at School About

When we think about Mahatma Gandhi, what comes to our mind is an iconic figure. An image that the world has seen, many times over. That of a smiling, saint like figure with virtues and wisdom in every word spoken. Mahatma is truly an inspiration to a generation, the...

New Google Hummingbird Algorithm test

So, the new Google hummingbird algorithm is out (was, almost one month ago – Resource) and I decided to test it out. Here’s what happened. Apparently, Google can handle complex (more real life kind) search queries more effortlessly. Kinda cool, eh?...

Online Marketing in India will grow to 2938 Crores in 2014

That’s good news indeed. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, a recent study of numbers revealed that in 2014, digital media incl. online advertising spend in India will hit up to 2,938 crores by 2014. 2013 has seen a lot of activity compared to...

Why I left Google – Ex-Googler speaks out

To many of us, it is a dream job. Something you aspire for. After all, who doesn’t want to work with the biggest company (everybody knows) today? All those perks, benefits, free time, free food and work culture (that is apparently a case study at other companies) and...

Find new restaurants near you with MyFab5

First off, this is not foursquare, or anything close (it is built off it, though). This thing is much more simpler and easy to use. myfab5 is the best way to recommend and discover fabulous restaurants in your city – that’s about it. Rank up to 5 of your favorite...

Is This The New Budget iPhone 5?

A budget product from Apple? Hmm…that doesn’t sound right. But from what we’ve been hearing for the last couple of months it looks like a strong rumor. Redmond Pie, has revealed more evidence that supports the rumor. An actual budget iPhone 5 is being developed as we...

Did Gmail just add language input tools option?

Just noticed this small little icon near the Gmail settings menu. Its a language input setting toolbox, with three options. English Keyboard, English Dvorak keyboard, and English writing input. Looks like the handwriting input is going to help folks on smartphones and...

Return To India

This is a project I launched, aimed at helping NRIs thinking of returning to India, to execute the process easy and hassle free with the help of others who’ve already done it. Many NRIs find this project useful and use it on a daily basis. It was also covered extensively by media soon after launch on outlets such as The News Minute, Yahoo, Quint, and DT Next.


DailySEOblog is my very first project I started in 2005, that got me introduced to the world of blogging. On this blog, I shared all my SEO experiences and experiments, that got a lot of attention from the blogging community. It aims to share SEO and online marketing tips and tutorials to aspiring online marketing experts and is read by enthusiasts the world over.