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In my pursuit to finding happiness and living a good life, I share everything I’ve learnt on this blog – from spirituality to health, tech to food, finance to life skills and everything in between.

Every day is a new learning, a new lesson. If we all shared our experiences, how amazing would it be? More you share, higher the possibilities!

And that’s the reason I blog. In the hope that it offers you something useful and make a difference in your life. At least, try.

About 150,000 people visit it every month and I’m glad to have made them my friends today. 🙂

If you liked what you read, please let me know on Facebook or shoot me an email. That would make my day!

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Get Smart

Get Smart

We’re all born intelligent. But to get ahead in life, we need that extra something. Learn with me, the tips and tricks to get smarter in life.

Get Rich

Get Rich

Getting rich isn’t the first priority in life, but it sure helps. Join me in my pursuit in finding out what it takes to get wealthy and rich!

Be Happy

Be Happy

Happiness is everything. It’s what makes or breaks you. Join me in my pursuit learning what it takes to be happy & content in life.

The Chromecast Experience

Chromecast is the best gadget investment I’ve made in recent times, hands down! I mean, its the most contributing factor to my entertainment/streaming/living room life today. I love watching HD videos on my 65inch Panasonic Plasma TV. A good part of what I watch are...

Making Google Ads really relevant

No doubt, over the years, Google Ads have become more clever, sophisticated and relevant. Or, that was the intention. “Interest based advertising” sounded something good. When it was first introduced in 2009, it promised that ads were going to get more personal. That...

What Salman Khan don’t want you to blog about

Here's the thing. Blogger writes about Salman Khan. Salman Khan calls the blogger, gets the article removed. Blogger offers apology - says he's been through excruciating time and is taking a break from blogging until he's in the right frame of mind. First when I heard...

Why I support Narendra Modi and why we should

I have been getting more and more worried over the last year or so at the direction (or lack of it) in which our country is headed. It is like a runaway plane falling from the skies and we are plummeting past one alarming indicator after another– inflation, economic...

Surprising Facts about H1B Visas in the USA

H1Bs have been criticized a lot in the US, as affecting employment opportunities for the citizens. But truth is that every year, there are thousands of H1Bs being allowed into the country and many of them hold top positions in many corporations across the country....

Google Plus Comments Plugin for WordPress Released

As we all know, Google+ has a pretty slick commenting system. Actually, it is one of the things on Google+ that I wished was available elsewhere (apart from the amazing UI and numerous features). Recently, Google+ had announced its commenting system for Blogger as an...

Nikon D4 Review: Features & Specifications

The Nikon D4 is a digital SLR camera which is perfect for action or sports photography and is one of the most preferred choices of top professionals today. This model is an up gradation to its earlier launched FX digital SLR camera, the Nikon D3. With a 6400 ISO, low...

A Better Google Reader Alternative: Snackr

So Google Reader is going off in July, and although we have this list of Google Reader alternatives, I found another little “non-intrusive” app that does the job a little bit better. I have about 1500+ feeds on my RSS feed list and going through them all the time...

DecideQuick, Make decisions the social way, the smart way.

I’ve been seeing several instances of this app - DecideQuick on my Facebook feed for quite some time now. Curious, I tried it out and voila – what an useful app! Apps are many. Some fancy, some fun, some useful. DecideQuick falls into the third category. In simple...

Here’s how you can get Google Glasses, before others!

So, Google is looking for people to try its next big thing – Google Glass project, and you can get it before others. You’ll have to preorder the glasses for $1500 and pick it up from any of the Google offices in SF, NY or LA. But, not everyone is getting it, a...

An interview with Professional Blogger, Raju of

Tech blogs are many these days. But if I ask you to recall the ones that you really liked, we’d only have a few to count. is one such blog that stands out from the rest of the crowd on many levels. I spoke with its owner Raju, the other day. Raju is one of...

Kred v/s Klout

So, Kred and Klout. If you have been living under a mouse, you wouldn’t know what they were. Kred and Klout are two major apps in the “social media influence grading” field. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook and other such social media networks (which we all are), let...

Insights from LinkedIn’s 200 Million Members

So, today I received and email saying that my profile is one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. Nice to hear, feel so special. But that is an interesting claim. 1% of most viewed profiles, hmm…..does that mean that there is an exclusive 1% or is...

The entire universe on a single scale

Would it be possible to put the entire universe right from the microbes to the galaxies on a single scalable frame? Apparently yes. Someone has put the whole damn thing into a single, zoomable scale that you can go from a Planck length to the galaxies in one single...

10 Rules Being Human

1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's yours to keep for the entire period. 2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, "life." 3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial,...

A 3D gesture control device that will blow your mind.

Gesture control sounds like something from the future. But the thing is actually here. If you’ve seen Pranav Mistry’s “sixth-sense” input device, and wished it was true, this is possibly the closest thing you’ll find to it. Leap Motion. The Leap Motion controller...

How to overcome rejection : One step a day

Rejection is a popular fear (at least among many other things) among us all. We all go through rejections every day, and they’re sometimes minor sometimes major. For some folks, they don’t matter much, but for a few it is a big deal. So much that it could affect them...

Should social networks limit friends?

May be they should. Because, there’s only so much relevant friendships one can make, right? One cannot remember all your acquaintances, let alone friends. Even within friends, there’s only so much intimacy you can share. There’s been lot of studies done in this...

20 Tips To Make Friends Wherever You Go

Having friends is a huge joy in life.  It says a lot about yourself.  You are loved and cherished and treasured.  You may be funny or kind or compassionate.  That could be why people want to be your friend.  So if you struggle with making friends no matter where you...

What do I blog about & why

I’ve been blogging from 2005, ever since I was in India. Today, this blog is read by more than 300,000 people every month and generates over seven figures in income.

Back in those days, I use to write about random things, like movies I watched and restaurants I ate at. Somehow, people started finding out and it started getting comments and feedback from all over the world. That motivated me and I started writing about everything from personal finance, travel, investmenteducation, NRI matters, tech and more. Things that interested me and others found useful.

I recommend blogging to anyone who has interesting things to talk about. It’s easy getting started with blogging these days. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make money blogging in India, check out this article and sign up.


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Return To India

This is a project I launched, aimed at helping NRIs thinking of returning to India, to execute the process easy and hassle free with the help of others who’ve already done it. Many NRIs find this project useful and use it on a daily basis. It was also covered extensively by media soon after launch on outlets such as The News Minute, Yahoo, Quint, and DT Next.


DailySEOblog is my very first project I started in 2005, that got me introduced to the world of blogging. On this blog, I shared all my SEO experiences and experiments, that got a lot of attention from the blogging community. It aims to share SEO and online marketing tips and tutorials to aspiring online marketing experts and is read by enthusiasts the world over.