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Pak media says that the Mumbai attacks were carried out by Indian elements

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2008)

This piece of news came to me as a shock, when I saw the Pakistan media blaming the Mumbai attacks on Indian “terrorist” elements.

Here are the proofs they claim.

Mr. Hemant Karkare had worked hard on the Malegaon blasts case and already found that some elements supported by Mr.Modi and BJP was behind it. And Mr. Karkare was about to get close to them.

It is for this reason, that the Mumbai attack was orchestrated, and blame put on Islamic Terrorists.

They also claim that Indian elements did not want the Hindu extremist groups behind the Malegaon attacks to be arrested, and wanted something outrageous to happen to blind the common man and turn their attention away from the Malegaon case.

Some Paki bloggers have also claimed that this is the reason why Mr. Karkare’s wife denied the “gift” from Mr. Modi.

The media also reported that they terrorists had saffron thread banded on their hands, and was looking more like Hindus, which are evidences that the attackers were Indians.

This gentleman in the video above also claims that the name of the two attackers are “Amar Singh” and “Heera Lal” , which he confirmed from police officers belonging to the Dalit and oppressed communities of India. (That sounds like a perfect plot!!)

Now, the interesting part is that none of them are commenting about Amir Ajmal Kasab being captured and interrogated. Wonder what their reply is to his disclosures !!

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